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Pizzas at Finn’s || Tina&Finn

Tina got of her desk chair with a sigh and switched of her laptop, walking over to her mirror to look over her jeans and band shirt combo before making her way to the door. She grabbed her jacket off the coach seat and shrugged it up her arms, patting her pockets to make sure she had her keys and phone before making her way out of her apartment.

As she drove through the streets of New York, she pondered over their earlier discussion. There was a side of her that simply enjoyed taunting and teasing the hell out of Finn sometimes, but there was another part of her that couldn’t swallow him telling her that there was nothing wrong with him at all. He seemed out of sorts, but then again, maybe her mentioning cheese and sushi together affected him more than she thought.

Upon arriving at his door, she hesitated for a minute or two before lifting up her hand and gently knocking on the door. As she waited for him to answer, she went to digging her cellphone out of her jacket and busying herself with a game of Angry Birds, trying to rid herself of her sudden case of nerves.